Mister Denial, that’s 17 years of photographic art and imagery, combining glamour, alternative fashion and authenticity to create portraits of real people.

Shamanistic shooting with Fräulein Venus2017-06-15T14:40:30+00:00
Exylium latex fashion with Snow-White2017-06-15T14:40:31+00:00
Eyes up here2017-10-23T20:20:40+00:00
Lucy Lu
Latex photography with Lucy Lu2017-06-15T14:40:31+00:00
Carlotta in White2017-10-21T20:53:32+00:00
Sexy girl dressed in white shirt and sideboob.
The girl with the dragon tattoo2017-10-23T19:59:38+00:00
The girl with the dragon tattoo
Carlotta the veggie-leather goddess2017-06-15T14:40:32+00:00
Hot Lydia Pirelli2017-10-23T20:14:45+00:00
Lydia Pirelli
Lucy Heff and Les Dessous de Rose2017-10-23T20:16:12+00:00
Lucy Heff
Shake it, Fäulein Loreley2017-10-23T20:09:46+00:00
Fräulein Loreley
Ink your body with Wilhelmina2017-06-15T14:40:35+00:00
Outdoor fashion with KittyMeoww2017-06-15T14:40:36+00:00

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“ Photography is like music for the eyes. ”



Mister Denial
Mister DenialPhotographic Rebel
Mister Denial has been active in photography and visual art since 1999, specializing in alternative fashion, gothic erotica, tattoos and live music. A consummate hobbyist with a professional philosophy and attitude, his body of work has been published in numerous alternative magazines and also the mainstream press of Luxembourg, Germany and the UK.

Know for his light-hearted and humorous nature, photo sessions are a combination of intense creativity, boundary-pushing and lots of laughter and fun.

For the past ten years I have been using Nikon equipment exclusively, as it has proven reliable and constant in quality. My main camera is a Nikon D700, which I appreciate for it’s sturdiness, and resilience: sandstorms, freezing cold temperatures, violent shocks, it has always remained unscathed. Even the scorching heat of Death Valley could not harm it.

  • Nikon D700 & D200 (backup)
  • Nikor lenses
  • Bowens compact flash systems
  • Photoshop & Lightroom CS5

I have a home-office that is quickly turned into a photo-studio. It is small but convenient, and with high ceiling space for paper and vinyl backgrounds and backdrops. I use Bowens compact flash systems with all sorts of modifiers, softboxes, beauty dish and umbrellas.

My strength is people portraits that involve alternative subculture, like metal, goth or punk, and a little bit of kink. While I am perfectly capable of delivering classic business portraits, and also do enjoy to shoot this from time to time, people usually hire me because they want to feel a bit more alive and let loose their subdued sensuality.

So anything a little bit extravagant in terms of styling, out of the ordinary, and a little bit of naked flesh, that’s what you’ll want me to shoot, because that’s what I do best. That, and making people feel at ease and comfortable, with themselves, because baring your soul is much harder than baring your body. And that’s what I strive for, true emotions.

YES. I do shoot nudes, from classic black & white fine art, to more erotic themes. I am professional and discreet, which is why I am often hired by non-models and amateurs who want to shoot beautiful nudes of themselves, for themselves, or for a beloved partner.

We live in a world where mainstream medi has disconnected us from the reality of our bodies, and I help both men and women love their own shapes and skin again.

IMPORTANT: if you want to shoot nudes, please be upfront and honest about it, because there are things to be considered and discussed before shooting. It is not possible to add nudes at the end of a photo session, as your clothing will have left too many marks on your skin.

YES. I am an experienced photographer on both bondage and fetish photography, leather, latex and ropes. I do not shoot Shibari, as I prefer simplicity and emotions over sophisticated knots and ropework.

YES. I work a lot with amateurs and unexperienced models, and have experience in putting them at ease in front of the camera. Young models that start out, or housewife that wants beautiful pictures of herself, both are welcome.

NO. There is a simple reason for this: they will distract you.

The last thing you’ll want during a photo session is a pair of extra-eyes looking at you, distracting you, or making you uneasy. Because posing is about baring your soul, and it gets much harder with every additional person present.

What you can do instead is to bring someone along that will drop you off, check that everything is alright, until you feel comfortable, and whom will then leave until the end of the session, come back and pick you up. That way you can feel safe, without feeling distracted.


New website and portfolio

My new website is now online, and I am very happy with the new look! Much easier to update than my previous online portfolio, [...]


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